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rInnovation Group has been on the forefront of innovation for more than 20 years.

We help companies create a systematic approach to innovation, and deliver on their growth and corporate renewal ambitions. We do this by working through the strategic, portfolio and implementation issues associated with your innovation strategy, culture and leadership requirements to ensure you build innovation capabilities with lasting impact.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Strategic Intent Development

Let us help your company in articulating the strategic focus areas in which the company can succeed in innovation in the future.

Innovation Talent Development

It is all about people. Let us help you select and develop your team as well as shape mind sets.

Innovation Capability Development

We know that innovation is more than incremental improvements. We also know that mastering strategic innovation is not easy.

Innovation Training & Coaching

We believe that practice makes perfect. Therefore, our workshops blend hands-on training with coaching, which is a key differentiator for success.

Innovation Tools

We have spent many years in designing an innovation tool suite that makes the complex simple. This is delivered with our innovation training program.

Strategic Advisory Services

We prefer to think of ourselves as strategic advisors rather than consultants. Our clients would agree.

Client Outcomes

“We have clear evidence that implementing the rInnovation Group’s transition management tools and techniques does indeed increase the success rate of transitioning major business opportunities from our Innovation Hub to landing zones (receiving units).”

Innovation and Commercialization Manager

Imaging Company

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