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The Learning Plan Compass™

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Want to change your innovation game? Learn to navigate uncertainty? Differentiate your leadership and strategy skills from others?

In our new series, Pivot Reinvented – Navigating Uncertainty™, we will share how innovative, global organizations navigate through industry disruption, business complexity and organizational transformation.

The Learning Plan Compass™, is the first in our series, which you can now download for free on our webpage. Try it out. Let us know what you think and how we might be able to help!

Why it matters?

When companies explore new, strategic innovation opportunities, they need to apply the right methodology and tools to be able to cope with a high degree of uncertainty. The Learning Plan Compass™ is a tool that is designed for developing significantly new products, services and/or business models.

What is the source code?

The Learning Plan Compass™ is a visual redesign of our extensively tried and tested Learning Plan™ approach used by companies in diverse industries to systematically progress opportunities. It helps teams to identify what they know, don’t know and the assumptions they are making. Teams can then zero in on what is most critical to learn first to reduce uncertainty.

How is it different?

It addresses four types of opportunity or project uncertainty, rather than the more typical Technical and Market ones. In fact, we know that the other two, Resource and Organization uncertainties, are the ones that do get in the way of success.


Key uncertainty questions are how do we:

  1. Learn about Technical drivers, benefits and economic feasibility, when the solution is not known yet?

  2. Learn about Market drivers, value creation and business viability in the absence of a clear value proposition or even knowing who the future customers will be?

  3. Access the right Resource streams – people, funding and new capabilities – when there are different innovation roles and gaps in capability to fill as well as new funding models required?

  4. How do we build Organization support in the absence of a clear strategic fit, organizational home and a credible business case?


How do you start?

If you are struggling with any of these questions, the Learning Plan Compass™ can point you in the right direction, and even change mindsets about the criticality of navigating uncertainty. 

Download The Learning Plan Compass™ for free to get started! Should you want to learn more, we would be delighted to guide you.

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