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Ole Tangsgaard

Principal Consultant

Ole Tangsgaard is a Principal Consultant with the rInnovation Group. He has a solid experience with the D-I-A Methodology from his work on the Innovation Platforms at Grundfos. The Innovation Platforms were under the umbrella of the Grundfos Innovation Intent. Ole worked in partnership with rInnovation Group from 2009 to 2014 to ensure successful implementation of the D-I-A methodology and tools. The initial focus was for the Innovation Platforms, followed by other areas of the Grundfos organization where relevant.

In addition to his role as the D-I-A expert at Grundfos, Ole identified and drove Innovation Opportunities in Discovery and served as the Strategic Coach for Discovery Opportunities and Incubation Projects within the Innovation Platforms. Ole also led the development of an Innovation Dash Board and the Opportunity Engine that was create to be the repository of Ideas and Innovation Opportunities. 

Ole is mechanical engineering with an MBA in Change Management. He has been working for mature market leading international companies throughout his career with responsibilities spanning from engineering at LEGO to Business Development and Product Management at Grundfos and Condair.

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