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Rich Duncombe

Executive Advisor

Rich Duncombe is an Executive Advisor with the rInnovation Group and a proven executive to drive growth and launch new businesses within Fortune 50 technology companies. He is passionate about catalyzing innovation from concept to reality and creating corporate innovation systems that deliver profitable growth, foster a culture of innovation and motivate talented employees. Rich has led over 35 new business, products or technology projects in a wide array of applications. His executive leadership spans from business unit VP to director roles in strategy, product management, technology development, operations and sales.

Rich is a corporate innovation expert and has created a successful innovation practice to drive new business growth for a $25B business unit, mentored 35+ major innovation projects and managed a $75M venture fund for new growth. He is dedicated to promoting corporate innovation through collaboration, speaking and teaching. He recognized for his thought leadership and is a sought after keynote for global innovation conferences and has presented at a wide range of webinars for HP, Stanford, Frost and Sullivan and others. In addition, Rich has founded the Innovation Catalyst Group, led 10 new businesses to successful market introductions now valued over $5B, including the Sensing Solutions, Retail Photo Solutions and Wafer Foundry businesses.

Rich holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Oregon State University. He served as president of the Corporate Venturing Consortium in partnership with MIT, curricula adviser and lecturer for the Building Innovative Leaders program with Stanford and board member for the Willamette Angel Conference. Rich is an Innovation Standard Certified Professional under the International Innovation Management Standard.

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