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Dr. Jimmi Normann Kristiansen

Principal Consultant

Dr. Jimmi Normann Kristiansen is a Principal Consultant with the rInnovation Group and Associate Professor of Innovation Management at Aalborg University Business School, Denmark. Jimmi is a published author in the academic literature and his research and management interests include radical innovation, new product development and strategic management in large, international firms. He has been advising leaders in global, large firms in the DIA methodology. He has been in management consulting for several years, where he has also solved complex problems in different industries including shipping, logistics and port development.

Jimmi is well versed in innovation research and practice, and has extensive experience in public presentations and workshops. He has from an early point in his career had direct reference to top management in public- and private organizations where he has provided advice to different business functions. 

Jimmi holds a Ph.D. and Elite M.Sc. degree in Economics and Business Administration with specialization in Innovation Management from Aalborg University. His Ph.D. thesis focused on large, international firms and developing a competency in radical innovation.

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