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After more than 20 years of research in focus and applied in practice, we have unlocked the secrets of making breakthrough innovation projects successful, designing a management system to support them, and legitimizing innovation as a discipline. Beyond the Champion is all about how to embrace a strategic innovation agenda and make it happen through people. It is featured as one of the best books on corporate innovation on Innovation Leader.

Engaging and informative, Pivot provides entrepreneurs and corporate entrepreneurs with practical guidance for achieving success in their business startups. It skillfully addresses topics ranging from how to reduce business uncertainties, manage the scope and scale of innovation opportunities, and change your innovation game. It is considered a prominent "How to and Reference Guide" and is featured as one of the best books on corporate innovation on Innovation Leader.

Established companies are clamoring for breakthrough innovation, but are often hamstrung by the highly reliable, repeatable processes of their management systems. Based on years of research, Grabbing Lightning shows how twelve companies have tried to develop a capability for sustainable breakthrough innovation, and outlines best practices for your organization.

Radical Innovation, a groundbreaking book, reveals the patterns through which game- changing innovation occurs in large, established companies, and identifies the new managerial competencies required by firms to make radical innovation happen.

For Radical Innovation, typical innovation metrics don't work. This paper published in Journal of Business Strategy puts emphasis on the pitfalls of using incremental innovation metrics in a strategic innovation context. It suggests alternative paths for measuring strategic innovation opportunity progress. We have further developed this academic work, and it is now put into practice as part of our implementation programs for companies.

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