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Dr. Nick Colarelli

Founding Advisor

Dr. Nick Colarelli is the founding partner of Colarelli, Meyer & Associates of St. Louis, Missouri, a firm of organizational psychologists. For the past 25 years, Nick and his firm have specialized in partnering with over 1000 companies, from a broad array of industries, to provide hands-on, sustained support in planning and implementing radical change driven by technology, globalization, deregulation and other market forces. Nick works closely with executive and management teams to bring about the necessary changes in organizational structure, culture, and personnel required by radical change. He brings focus to the extent to which a given business culture supports and/or obstructs radical change. He is skilled in assessing the readiness of personnel to accept and lead radical change, and has developed approaches to assist individuals in participating in and promoting radical change efforts in their companies. Nick received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern University.

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