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Our Partners

We have an extensive network of contacts committed to building the field of strategic innovation and the development of a sustainable innovation capability for established companies. We continue to evolve our informal and formal relationships to ensure we can offer leading-edge programs for companies looking to establish and mature their innovation competency. Most notably, we are partnering with world renowned institutions for academic research, executive education in corporate entrepreneurship and strategic innovation.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Academic Research and Executive Education Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship (ICE) Program

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) - Academic Research and Executive Education Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship (ICE) program, leads the academic research program. Phases I and II culminated in the release of two books, one for each phase – Radical Innovation and Grabbing Lightning.

Danish Technical University
Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) Program

Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership, is a 5-month executive program for corporate managers and specialists engaged in or to be engaged in business building.  The program requires a participation of minimum 2 and maximum 4 people from each company, that are to work on a company team.

The program integrates the creation of new business, innovation, and growth leadership, rooted in business opportunities brought into the program by the participants. The program blends teaching, coaching and execution in a unique format producing business opportunities ready for corporate funding and people ready to develop and build them. The majority of the sessions will be undertaken by leading international experts in corporate entrepreneurship.

Product Genesis for Strategic Innovation

Product Genesis, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, specializes in Strategic Innovation consulting services that help our clients create new business opportunities, a sustainable competitive advantage, and increased shareholder value. Spun out of the MIT Innovation Center in 1986, Product Genesis has worked with diverse organizations from Global 1000 corporations, to venture capital and private equity-backed firms, accelerating their success in the medical, industrial, commercial, consumer and technology markets.

The International Society for Professional Innovation Management

The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) was founded in Trondheim, Norway in June 1983 to present an array of tools and guidelines for their practical application for the assessment of user needs in the product innovation processes. Since then, ISPIM has succeeded in developing a strong international network, leading to professional cooperation across nations and cultures.

Innovation Development Institute
For Access to SBIR-Funded Companies

The Innovation Development Institute, as part of the small group which developed the original SBIR concept, long-time advocate for this important technology development resource and keeper of the SBIR record, has invested significantly in the development of its proprietary, database-grounded, analytical system called SBIR ASSETs - Access SBIR-STTR Scientific Engineering Talent system. Tapping into the considerable wealth of technical talent among participants in the federal Small Business Innovation Research program (SBIR) has proven to be a useful, value-adding resource. However, while those with technology seeking responsibilities in larger firms have become aware of SBIR as a collaborative resource, being able to determine on a timely and cost effective basis which SBIR Awardees are doing what work that is of potential interest to the larger firm is a significant challenge. Through the Innovation Development Institute’s proprietary databases, larger firms can access the most relevant SBIR Awardees to meet their business requirements.

Industrial Research Institute
Radical Innovation Industry Practices

The Industrial Research Institute (IRI) sponsors the Radical Innovation Sub-Committee. Members of the rInnovation Group and other industry practitioners serve as co-chairs/ subject matter experts and deliver introductory tutorials for IRI member companies.