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We never wanted to be just another opinion in the vast sea of innovation consulting companies. Fortunately, we are not.

Our inspiration and guidance comes from a unique blend of academic research in innovation management and practical experience. We have not only studied what works, we have also learned from experience what does not. We have designed our services with two overarching goals:

  1. How to transform innovation in to the discipline it should be alongside engineering, marketing and so forth. This ensures innovation is integral to corporate strategy rather than a nice to have.

  2. How to transfer our knowledge at the right pace to reduce your learning time so you can get to results more quickly. We know your survival and ultimately your success depends on it.

Let us help you answer the following questions:

What are the objectives and constraints for a front end of innovation system? What is our capacity for innovation, including our ability to embrace uncertainty?
What are the elements from which to develop a common language for and cultural understanding of innovation? How would this be best communicated to stakeholders?
What is/should be the mandate for innovation in our company and/or division based on types of innovation and compared with new product development?
How should the team define and clearly articulate its strategic intent (versus current strategy) for long term growth (5 to 10+ years)?
What should be the complementary structure for strategic innovation to further our market leadership and growth objectives? What are the guiding principles for strategic innovation, including the strategic, resource management and entrepreneurial culture principles?
What are the appropriate innovation processes, tools, decision-making criteria and key performance indicators for success? How should they be positioned and implemented?
What should be the plan for mobilizing the organization and developing our innovation talent?

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