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We typically engage with companies in one of two ways. Companies come to us seeking a better understanding of their innovation capacity and we start with an organizational assessment of a company’s business drivers and level of innovation maturity. Alternatively, a company with an innovation challenge approaches us and we work with the company to address this challenge. Both these paths lead to company action plans that identify strategic level issues for senior management attention and business requirements for innovation managers to address to build a sustainable innovation capability.

We are very committed to implementation follow through. In fact, regardless of where we start, our overriding objective is successful implementation. This not only depends on establishing new processes and business structures, it requires working with the executive team to identify and facilitate change management issues at the system-wide level, where strategic intent, organizational commitment, culture and leadership development are critical elements. We also work with innovation managers to address structure, role, process and interface requirements for moving new business opportunities through the innovation lifecycle and introducing them successfully in the market.

Innovation Tools Online

The Innovation2Pivot is an opportunity concept development platform for corporate entrepreneurs, strategic coaches, innovation orchestrators and the extended innovation community.  >> more

Custom Programs

The rInnovation Group provides a variety of custom programs tailored to unique company requirements. We look at a company from different perspectives: strategic and operational as well as system-wide and project specific.  >> more

Training and Coaching Workshops

We offer orientation, training and coaching programs on a number of innovation topics. In partnership with RPI, the Danish Technical University and others, we offer executive education programs in corporate entrepreneurship.  >> more

Innovation Roadmap

The rInnovation Group has developed an Innovation Roadmap, which guides the development of an innovation capability in companies. This Roadmap is our DNA or tapestry and is based on systems-level thinking, i.e., to effect change and establish organizational legitimacy looking at all the elements of an effective innovation system is required across strategic, portfolio and project requirements.  >> more

What’s Next

Strategic Innovation is the next wave that companies must embrace, not only for growth and corporate renewal, but for their very survival.  >> more