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Market Perspectives

We are different…

While others focus on idea generation, we focus on uncertainty reduction.

While others give you an idea that you are expected to commercialize directly, we know that you need to turn this into a business opportunity first, and test your options in the market to arrive at your product definition and market entry strategy.

While others focus on technical and market issues, we also focus on resource and organization issues, which are most often ignored to everyone’s detriment.

While others try to use innovation practices designed for product development and incremental improvements for all types of innovation, we have years of research and practical experiences to know this does not work and the true potential of the innovation will be lost.

We care about creating the discipline of innovation and understand the need for a holistic, systematic approach across the entire innovation cycle.

Let’s see how this approach has helped companies to achieve and exceed their innovation ambitions.

Case Studies

We thought it would help to share a few case studies for you to see the challenges other companies faced. Perhaps, you have similar challenges or others you would like to discuss.  >> more


We asked a few of the companies that have travelled this innovation road with us to share their experiences. Who better to speak about this journey together than our partners and our friends. They would also be delighted to discuss these experiences with you.  >> more