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rInnovation Group has been on the forefront of innovation for more than 20 years.

We help companies create a systematic approach to innovation, and deliver on their growth and corporate renewal ambitions. We do this by working through implementation issues associated with the structural, organizational and management requirements for innovation. By focusing on strategic clarity and uncertainty reduction during project discovery and incubation, projects transition smoothly into the new product development process.

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Innovation Capability Development

Innovation Capability Development

Apply our methodologies, processes and tools

Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory Services

Build game-changing innovation capabilities

Academic Research Foundation

Academic Research Foundation

Founded on applied research, not opinion

Innovation Training & Coaching

Innovation Training & Coaching

Accelerate the lifecycle of innovation opportunities

Client Outcomes

  • We have clear evidence that implementing the rInnovation Group’s transition management tools and techniques does indeed increase the success rate of transitioning major business opportunities from our Innovation Hub to landing zones (receiving units).

    Innovation and Commercialization Manager
    Imaging Company

    Building our Innovation Roadmap is helping our team own and drive the full innovation system including strategic relevance, funding, talent, and system level metrics.

    Information Technology Company

  • Our Company was looking for ways to reinvigorate its historical strength in developing breakthrough innovation products. The Radical Innovation book provided us with the Innovation Hub concept which fits our company so well that I sought advice from the rInnovation Group, appointed a Hub Director to get us started and shared the concept with the Connecticut Technology Council where it was extremely well received.

    Former President
    Scientific Products Company

    The Learning Plan™ methodology has helped us discover new market applications, identify the stages of the learning process for breakthrough innovation projects, and better articulate organizational value.

    Innovation Process Director
    Cement Company

  • We have made significant progress in building and executing a portfolio of new business opportunities in a very short period of time. We owe much of that to the approach and discipline that rInnovation Group taught and advises us on.

    New Business Development Co-Leaders
    Chemicals Company